About Us

We stand 100% be hide all our work. We are fully insured and have 4,600 Sq FT of working space. All vehicles our stored indoors with 24HRS surveillance and are looking forward to working with you. Below is some information about us. I'll been in the auto body and paint business for 10 years now and I stated working for myself back in 2003 as a mobile auto body touch up unit. In the month of August 2012 I open up our shop in Burleson, Tx off of Interstate 35 West ("Exit 32")

From August to present we have obtained the following clients
  • • Accubult warranty work (i.e. Limo, Hearse)
  • • Vaughan Specialty Automobiles (i.e. Limo, Hearse)
  • • Regal Limousine (i.e. Limo, Hearse)
  • • Laurel Land Funeral Home (i.e. Limo, Hearse)
  • • Golden Gates (i.e. Limo, Hearse)
  • • Brown Funeral Home (i.e. Limo, Hearse)
  • • City of Burleson (i.e. Police, ambulance cars)
  • • Laubish Limousine (i.e. Police, ambulance cars)
  • • GSA Fleet (Auto)
  • • FCCI Direct Repair Program (Auto)

We are currently using Audatex On-line for our estimating program, as far as assignment our profiles are on Performance Claims, System Award Management and Auto Body Alliance.

For certifications our employee's are I-Car gold certified, the company is BBB Accreted with "A" rating.

We are quick at what we do because of the standard operating procurers(SOP) set in place that we perform on every vehicle that comes in for repairs. We have SOP’s set in place for a complete color change on a vehicle to washing and detailing. Our staff here at Joey’s Illusion receives semiannual training on all 3M products and procurers, in short it is our training and SOP’s that make us efficient and help us produce quality work in the end putting our repair shop above the others.

When Our customers come to our shop they are greeted on the way in and in the office. We officer them drinks or snacks and TV, while we start the estimating process. That's just standard practice here at our shop. Our service even goes farther then that....

We crated side shows videos of the whole vehicle repair process (Click Here to See Example). We don't stop there, in this generation mostly everyone is using Face book. So we started an auto body face book page for our customer, giving them daily updates and photos of their repairs. We also let them know by liking us they will also receive weather storm update to keep their car safe and Tip/Trick how to do it yourself. (Click Here to See Example)

The newest program we our offering is ("Auto Watch"), this one I'm really excited about. We now can update digital photos straight from our smart phone or tablet. What does this mean? It's mean, we can provided our customers with real time data, at any time of the day at their convenience. Being able to have their own web page and letting them know their latest vehicle repair status by email, text and on the Internet. Our customers will love this service! (See More info by clicking here)

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